About the Smithfield School App

The Smithfield School App is a mobile communications application designed specifically for students to report Bullying. As a bonus of the information about the school is available on the app. From academics to clubs to sports to music to schedules, everything about the school can be found in the palm of your hand.

The Smithfield School App will allow parents and students to be completely informed. No surprises, no last minute hassles. Everyone is in the know. 

Push Notifications

Push Notifications will alert about delays and closings caused by weather and facilities problems. In case of, God forbid, an incident, factual and accurate information will be sent in real time directly to parents, students and teachers. It’s official information from the school not filtered thru any media, social media all without speculation and rumor.

Bullying Reporting

  • Bullying Reporting and Incident Reporting puts the power in the student’s hands to report bullying, crimes, threats, weapons, mental health issues and much more. A real time way to see something / say something. School officials are alerted immediately and can take proper action.  

The Smithfield School App put the power in the hands of the Student.

The Smithfield School App will give “Piece of Mind” to parents and students alike.

The Smithfield School App works with smart phones and all pads. 

Safety Tools

School closings and alerts direct to the user’s phone.

Build a branded mobile app for your school focused on connecting and protecting students on and off school grounds. Provide parents and students with a piece of mind they can count on to stay engaged with all activities and educational initiative. 


  • Schools alerts and closures
  • Engage and organize your community
  • Help prevent bullying on and off campus
  • Update your school community on fundraisers, campus safety, athletic events and important news with push notifications.
  • School closings and alerts direct to the user’s phone.
  • Provide schools with a digital platform to connect everyone in their community


  • Update assignments, connect with parents
  • Parents
  • Subscribe to the classes and activities of you children
  • Close the communication gap to teachers
  • Create updates on assignments
  • Help them stay engaged and up-to-date with their children's educational activities


  • Never forget a test or due date
  • Have confidence in your campus safety
  • Give them with a mobile tool to receive campus alerts and protect themselves
  • Make your schools your own with custom news feeds
  • Don’t loss track of your assignment due dates, activites or testing schedule. Subcribe to what is important to you and make the school your own.


Users enjoy a free download of our Smithfield School App. All they have to do is pick a school, create login information, and start subscribing to classes and activities. 

Customized NewsFeed

A customized list of all the things import to your family’s connection with the school. Keep up with sports, track test schedules and due dates, and access push notification directly from the school’s main office.

Push Notifications

No more waiting for the morning news ticker to show if your school has a snow day, or forgetting which day to dress your kid up for picture day. The principal’s office can send notification directly to your phone of school closures, important dates, campus alerts and other imperative information.

Groups and Events

School programs can create customized profiles quick and easy within the app, which users can follow and connect with. Coaches can announce tryouts, schedule practice information and post-game scores. Clubs, extracurriculars, arts, and many more can have their own news feed that goes directly to the user’s phone based on their participation.

Issue Reporting

Give every student the ability to protect themselves on campus, as well as notify the school of potential issue. Our comprehensive reporting system allows all kids to keep their campus safe from bullying, safety concerns, maintenance problems and many other options that can be customized to your school’s best interests.


Each user will be designated as a admin, teacher, student, parent, alumni or public to better connect them with important information to their group, and organize efforts for the schools to reach out as needed.